Lake Shaori

Lake Shaori is located in the Racha-Lechkhumi region, between the cities of Tkibuli and Ambrolauri. The lake is artificial, formed by a small dam, partitioned the mountain rivulet and located
In a picturesque place, in the Shaora basin at an altitude of 1105 m.

This gorge has its own climate, and whatever the heat was not around, it’s always cool here. And even cold, in any case, you can freeze here, despite the fact that a kilometer from the lake can be hot, +30.
The places here are very picturesque, fantastic. On the slopes of the reservoir are coniferous forests and alpine meadows. In winter everything is covered with snowy whiteness, Spring sparkles with bright multicolor, Summer, to spite the scorching rays of the sun, keeps bright green color, and Autumn,. . . Autumn is a special time, the slopes around the lake acquire the colors of such a fabulous palette of tones and halftones that the canvases of impressionists and pointe-tels pales before this beauty. Enjoying it a lot, vacationers and tourists will have a desire to sit and think about what they saw. At such a time, the very time to do fishing, especially since here it is magnificent, in the purest water there are a lot of all kinds of fish.