Margiani House-Museum

One of the main attractions of Svaneti is Margiani House Museum, which is in place in the old Svan residential complex. This museum is the property of a certain kind Margiani. They also owned 8 towers of which there were only 4. The height of the towers and their number spoke of the wealth and power of nature.

And now a little about one of the towers. It is located a few floors to their rooms. In one room there komorka – Marani, next dried and stored hay and grain was stored in special boxes. In this house there is a large cellar, which stores the jugs for wine and vodka (kvevri), clay pots to store honey. Basement has a known special room for punishment, which kept the naughty children and those who have been caught cheating, it kept well and for lying.

You can visit, and the main room of the house where there is a wooden throne “Takhti”, which had no right to take anybody except the head of the family. A guest was an extraordinary honor and respect when he was offered a place on the throne.

After a tour around the house, you will not be able to leave it is not standing on the summit of the tower, the view from which you will leave an unforgettable impression of beauty of Svaneti.