Martvili Canyon

This is simply amazing in its beauty and unusual place is in the region of Megrelia. A canyon is located near the town of Martvili on the Abasha river. For many millions of years, water has made a magnificent gorge in the rocks of limestone, with a depth reaching 40 meters, at the bottom of which the river itself actually flows. The total length of the foreseeable part of the canyon is about a kilometer.

In the upper part of the canyon you can make a boat trip and reach the very beginning – a 7 meter high waterfall. Due to the extremely humid microclimate, huge lianas hang from the rocks, and the walls are covered with centuries-old mosses. Here and there water flows from the walls, form small streams and fairly powerful waterfalls

Exactly in the middle the canyon turns into a small creek, where it’s nice to lie on the rocks and even swim on hot days. But then a miracle begins: the earth has opened and from a height of about 20 meters of water the rivers fall into the abyss !!! It’s a marvelous sight.

And, depending on the season of the year, you can observe unique natural phenomena here. In the season of melting snow and rain, the rivers can rise up to 5-6 meters in the canyon, and the water volume increases several times in 2-3 hours. And all this force falls into the lower part of the canyon, which can only be viewed from the upper platforms. In summer, in hot weather, the water flows in separate channels and the rocks of the canyon become green due to the reflections of the clearest waters.

And downstream, almost at the very end of the canyon are the royal baths in which the Georgian kings Dadiani loved to bask in, whose summer residence is still not far from Martvili.