Sairme Resort



The health resort Sairme is located in the south of Kutaisi, 950 meters above the sea level and administratively belongs to the Bagdati municipality. This place has the unique location, healing springs, ecologically clean environment and beautiful nature. It is located in the mountainous area of subtropical zone. During several decades it has been seen as a major resort zone, but to reach an acceptable level of infrastructure for tourists in Sairme is available just from Y 2011.

Rehabilitation of the resort stared in 2011 and completed in 2013. In the scope of the project the hotel “Sairme” was arranged, which consists of 150 rooms and is calculated for 390 guests (the number is half of the total of the tourist potential of Sairme). As well landscape of Sairme was modernized: important works had been implemented for arrangement of recreation, shopping and food facilities. As well in the resort there functions a spa center, equipped with the latest techniques of one of the leading German company ‘Kraft’. Complex of a quite a large volume offers sanitation procedures of any kind. Guests also have the opportunity to use the polyclinic, located on the territory of the hotel ‘Sairme’ and serving guests for 24 hours.