The Lord Dadiani Palace

Dadiani Palace is the patrimonial palace of the ancient aristocratic family of Megrel princes Dadiani, who is in Zugdidi.
The genus Dadiani was related to Napoleon Bonaparte. One of the princesses Dadiani married married Napoleon’s nephew and as a result of this connection, the princely family inherited many relics that belonged to Napoleon.
To get to the palace of Dadian you have to go through a madly beautiful, well-tended park with beautiful lanterns and fountains.

The Dadiani estate is glorified by its garden, which Princess Dadiani has adorned with unusual plants and trees of the most rare varieties. To date, the garden of Dadiani, is Zugdidi Botanical Garden, whose area is 26.4 hectares.

In the palace of Dadiani there is a family historical museum, where a unique collection of works of art, several personal belongings and pieces of furniture of the emperor are stored. Here one of the most important relics is stored – the shroud of the Virgin Mary, which the ancestors of the princes Dadiani brought from Byzantium in the XV century.
Today in the treasury of the museum there are more than 40 thousand exhibits, a significant part of which is unique or represents rare examples of national culture.