Wine Tunnel ``Khareba``

In Kvareli district in Kakheti, in a rocky mountain slope of Caucasus in the late 50s of the last century it has been cut through the tunnel, which originally had a military purpose, but with the development of military tehnologny gradually lost its meaning as a fortification and was used as a unique repository of the best wines Kakheti. Throughout the year, the natural temperature inside the tunnel remains 12-14Co, which creates ideal conditions for storing and aging wine
The two main tunnel and thirteen connecting tunnels, each of which is 500 meters long. Their total length of 7.7 kilometers composes. At the tunnel, two entrances, each of which has its own purpose: first input prednazanachen for tourists, and the second has industrial importance because it is used for storing and holding a large amount of wine. Here is a wine warehouse of the company “Hareb Winery”, which holds about 25 thousand bottles of the best wines of this producer.