``Shio Wine Cellar``

“Shio Wine Cellar” is one of the oldest company ancestral Shioshvilebi, which serves traditional Georgian wine-making business for almost a century. It should be noted that the activity of the company starts in 1888, when founded “Shioshvilebi Family Wine Cellar” where is now located predecessors house already modified in Kakheti, Telavi. In the House half-mud-hut cellar on the entrance arch embossed – 1888. Also in the family wine hall kept in the different years bottled wines, including the oldest wine dates back to 1920 years.


Love of Vines, labor, professionalism and most importantly due to the extensive experience of the ancestors of many years hard work, the greatest love of wine and a vine culture have been collected and transferred with great love.


The company since its establishment produced wines with local traditional methods, which then kept in pitchers and oak barrels. Its sales were mainly in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Russia. The company has own vineyards: In Gremi, Sabue, Eniseli, Naphareuli and Telavi micro-zones.


One of the representative of the company’s ancestral in 1934 Sergei Shioshvili after the educated of the Agronomic specialty with the French famous wine-maker Reshalie has created enterprise in Kaspi district village Aghaiani where founded on of the first Unit Company in Georgia, which has vineyards in a Middle Kartli and also in Kakheti and it has produced wines by the European technology. The company had 120 employees.


Although many of the traditional family business successors were different profession, they are set to do not forget ancestor’s labor and more by the modern technologies will be improve the quality of the wine.


Since the so-called Soviet period completely stopped the action and took the company’s vineyards, in this period its activity is limited to the purchase of grapes for wine making, and subsequently its sale.


In recent years, the company’s heritage in parallel of the production of wine and brandy also carried out consulting marketing activities which in the international market exported Georgian products by the different winery. Effective planning is the result of this work is that the Georgian alcohol companies are using such services have achieved a number of successes, which is proof they have received awards in competitions. Such companies belong ” Georgian Wine Treasure” Ltd. which is belonged to the State Security Service, “Okami” JSC, ” Georgian Wines” Ltd., ” Georgian Wine”, Ltd., “Kakhetian Wine Cellar ” Ltd., “Kvareli Marani” Ltd., “Kakheti 3000″ Ltd., also Companies of Azerbaijan : ” Geokchai Winery” and etc.


The company is still carrying out important work in the future planning of traditional Georgian wine industry.


Just recently, by the decision of family company once again registered “Shio Wine Cellar” Ltd. It will be returned to the International market by the revised plans.