Mount Kazbegi is located on the border of Russia and Georgia. It is one of the highest peaks of the Caucasus. From Kazbegi involves a lot of legends and one of them is a legend of Prometheus (known in Georgia as the Amirani). According to the myth, Prometheus was chained forever to the slope of Mount Kazbegi.

Here you can visit the Historical Museum Stepantsminda, Holy Trinity Cathedral – Gergeti, Waterfall Gveleti etc. Also Kazbegi is an excellent option for active tourism..

Gergeti Trinity Church

The architectural complex of the XIV century in the village of Gergeti is located 6 km from Stepantsminda village at an altitude of 2200 m.

Gorge Arthmo

The gorge begins in the village of Akhaltsikhe (Sno Gorge) and stretches along the river Arthmostskali.

Gorge Hada

The gorge is located at the northern borders of Georgia, near the border with Lars. Mountaineers - frequent visitors to this corner of Georgia.

Historical Museum Of Stepantsminda

The museum is located in the memorial house of Georgian writer Alexander Kazbegi.

Truso Gorge

On the territory of the gorge, you can find historical and cultural monuments, towns, frozen deposits of mineral waters, glacial and river sediments.

Waterfall Gveleti / Darial Gorge / Glacier Devdorak

In order to get to Glacier Devdorak, you have to move on the tourist trail, starting in Stepantsminda and following through the Daryal Gorge (Gorge begins at the confluence of the river and ends Chheri in Upper Lars.