The capital of Imereti. The city is situated on both banks of the Rioni River. The historical part of Kutaisi includes the neighborhood of the White Bridge Street Tsisperkantselta, Saint Nino Tsereteli and Pushkin. City many valuable historical monuments, and of these the most important are Bagrat Cathedral and Gelati Monastery. Which refers to a UNESCO heritage site.
Also in Kutaisi it has a Jewish quarter where there is the largest synagogue, built in 1866. Everyone has the opportunity to visit this city should definitely visit the Kutaisi State Historical Museum, which holds more than 150,000 exhibits, including samples from the period XII-IX BC

Archeological Museum of Vani

ity Vani located in Imereti. Attraction Vani Archaeological Museum is located in the old part of the city.

Bagrati Cathedral

The cathedral was built in X-XI centuries during the reign of King Bagrat III, the after him and got a temple called "Bagrati"...

Gelati Monastery

The monastery complex is located not far from Kutaisi. Sabor was founded by King David IV the Builder.

Katskhi Pillar

The monastery complex Katskhi pillar is in Chiatura.


Motsameta Monastery, located above the gorge of the river Tskaltsitela.

Okatse Canyon

Okace Canyon is a natural landmark of the Khony region. This region is struck by the beauty of wildlife and scenic views...

Prometheus Cave

Prometheus Cave is the largest cave in Georgia.

Sataplia Reserve

Sataplia Nature Reserve is located about 7 kilometers north-west of Kutaisi.