One of the most beautiful regions of Georgia, land of vineyards – Kakheti – from year to year is becoming more popular with tourists. Today Kakheti – is not just a good old wine, but also the wonderful natural beauty and abundance of medieval monasteries and temples.

Batonis-Tsikhe Fortress

In Telavi the center stands the ancient fortress high gear fence and round towers at the corners. This fortress-Batonis Ciche, "Lord of the Castle" - the former residence of the kings of Kakheti in the XVII-XVIII centuries.

House-Museum of Alexander Chavchavadze

Tsinandali Palace belonged to the famous Georgian writer and public figure Alexander Chavchavadze and was a center of Georgian culture.

Shuamta temple

Not far from Telavi in ​​the village Shuamta, fragments of monasteries Shuamta Old and New Shuamta.


Ancient Academy Ikalto famous because here, according to tradition, studied outstanding Georgian poet of XII century - Shota Rustaveli.


Cathedral of St. George in the Akhmeta region of Kakheti in Telavi 20 kilometers from the center.

Bodbe Monastery

Orthodox monastery, located two kilometers from Sighnaghi. In it the relics of St Enlightener of Georgia Nina, who died there in 347 year, 67 year life.


Today Telavi - modern cozy town with a population of more than 20 thousand inhabitants.


The royal fortress in the historic Georgian region of Kakheti.


A few kilometers from the Grammy, high on a hill in Nekresi, stands one of the most ancient Georgian churches.

City of Love – Sighnaghi

A small town in eastern Georgia, on the hillside, in the historical region of Kakheti.


Homeland of the great publicist and "father of the Georgian nation," Ilia Chavchavadze. The second point - it is the legendary "Kindzmarauli" and a winery where you can learn all the details of the origin of the "drink of the gods."

Wine Tunnel “Khareba”

In Kvareli district in Kakheti, in a rocky mountain slope of Caucasus in the late 50s of the last century it has been cut through the tunnel, which originally had a military purpose, but with the development of military teсhnologny gradually lost its meaning as a fortification and was used as a unique repository of the best wines Kakheti.